Real Estate Newsletter August 10, 2022

Life @ Home eNewsletter: August 2022 [Sellers]

Design Element 1

» Checklist to upgrade your exterior
» Budget projects that transform the look of your home
» Energy upgrades for the home that can pay off

Design Element 2
Checklist to upgrade your exterior
Checklist to upgrade your exterior

Weekend projects that transform your home’s exterior
Looking to spruce up your curb appeal before you put your home on the market? Taking on a few of these weekend projects can transform your exterior from ho-hum to inviting.

Paint the door
Most homes have neutral hues, but a pop of color on the front entrance creates a welcoming focal point. Add a new storm door, door fixtures and a pretty wreath and your work is done.

Swap out the mailbox
Change the government-issued box for something decorative and unique. Whether you opt for vintage or mod, it’s sure to make the place look more inviting.

Update your light fixtures
New fixtures can add sparkle and polish even to an older home.

Install solar landscape lighting
These small fixtures are unobtrusive by day, but bring some yard ambiance by night.

Pressure wash for a deep clean
Make your concrete and masonry look like new with a good cleaning.

Bring on the planters
Boxes or large pots filled with foliage bring a welcoming touch of nature, not to mention some lively colors. To make it look polished and professional, choose a thriller, filler and spiller.

Have a seat!
Nothing says welcome home like a front yard conversation corner! Add a bench, a pair of Adirondack chairs or if you’re feeling whimsical, a hanging swing from the front yard tree.

Achieve the manicured look
Now’s the time to get fussy with your lawncare and landscaping. Keep the grass neatly clipped, watered and the walkway swept clean. Trim dead and hanging branches from trees and prune the bushes. For a finishing touch, pop a few in-season annuals into the ground and add a fresh layer of mulch to the beds.

Budget projects that transform the look of your home
Budget projects that transform the look of your home

Low-cost weekend projects with high impact
Whether you’re preparing to move into a new home, or looking to zhuzh things up before you sell, try one of these high-impact projects that are easy on the wallet.

Fresh paint
A new color story is transformative. Each hue in the color wheel catches the light differently, altering the look and feel of a room. Once you’re done, you’ll feel extra motivated to tackle other improvements. Plus, the right paint can add value to the home.

Add crown molding
Crown molding adds a touch of sophistication and polish to the room. Because it draws the eye to the ceiling, it has an enlarging effect. Tip: Add a chair rail and you can create a two-toned room!

Build a laundry center
Adding a counter and shelving units brings order and much-needed storage to cluttered up washer-dryer spaces.

New faucets
The gleam of on-trend metals catches the light and instantly modernizes the bath or kitchen. It’s one of those super simple fixes with high returns. Take it a step further and add new cabinet handles and drawer pulls.

Add storage
Shelves, pullouts and racks for closets, mud rooms and cabinets add functional elements while lending a sense of order to a space.

Bottom line: These small projects offer a big payoff without breaking the bank!

Energy upgrades for the home that can pay off
Energy upgrades for the home that can pay off

These home projects can help you save big on energy bills.

  • Insulation
  • LED bulbs
  • Triple-paned windows
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Low-e reflective window film
  • Energy Star rated appliances and electronics
  • Seal leaky ducts
  • Caulk gaps and cracks