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Four Key Strategies for Steering Your Real Estate Enterprise Through 2024 and Beyond

How to Succeed in Real Estate in 2024

The real estate market can be tough, especially in times of economic uncertainty. But if you have a growth mindset and follow these four habits, you can position yourself for success in 2024 and beyond:

Manage your time and energy wisely.

This means blocking out time for work, but also making time for yourself and your loved ones. Edna Kimble, the No. 1 REALTOR® in the Century 21 system for units in 2022, credits her success to her time management skills. “It’s not just about blocking out dedicated hours for business,” she says. “It’s also about making time to take care of yourself, work out, and be with your family.”

Never stop learning.

The real estate market is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. Jessica Beggins Houston, a third-generation CENTURY 21 affiliated agent in Tampa, FL, has been diligent about learning and leveraging the MoxiWorks® products suite to be more effective and efficient in marketing and managing her listings. “Whether it’s technology and AI tools, or the latest financing options, or trends in the market, you have to keep educating yourself,” she says.

Build relationships with your clients and colleagues.

Create a network of high-performing colleagues that collaborate and inspire each other to go farther. Adam Oberski from Northville, MI leads a team of 250 affiliated agents and is always pushing them to improve their health and fitness. “When you get people to set goals together and be better, it also motivates them in business,” he says.

Give back to your community.

The advisors who have the most longevity and loyalty are those who truly treat their customers like family. Ted Dawson, one of the top brokers in Jackson Hole, WY for over 20 years, is a prime example. “A few weeks ago, he sold a property for $15M,” says Miedler. “But I know he treats every single customer with the same authentic care, even one who’s buying a $25K lot.” Dawson also serves his community in other ways, such as shoveling snow from the roofs of seniors and cutting his long hair for Locks of Love.

By following these four habits, you can build a successful real estate career in 2024 and beyond. Remember, people will always strive to be homeowners. It’s the place you can feel comfortable in, and live your life’s most important and intimate moments.

Here are some additional tips for navigating the real estate market in 2024 and beyond:

  • Focus on your niche. Whether you specialize in luxury homes, first-time homebuyers, or investment properties, focus on becoming the go-to expert in your niche.
  • Use technology to your advantage. There are a number of great real estate software programs and tools that can help you streamline your business and be more efficient.
  • Provide excellent customer service. This means being responsive to your clients’ needs, going above and beyond to help them achieve their goals, and building relationships with them that last.

The real estate market can be challenging, but it’s also an incredibly rewarding career. By following these tips, you can set yourself up for success in 2024 and beyond.