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General Real Estate News Life @ Home Newsletter March 2023 (Sellers) MARCH 2023 | What’s in this issue? >> RESEARCH: IS IT WORTH YOUR MONEY TO HIRE A STAGER? >> NAR: THESE CITIES OFFER OPTIMAL BUYER VALUE IN 2023 >> 9 WAYS TO SPRUCE UP YOUR HOME FOR SPRING OPEN HOUSES   Research: Is it worth your money to hire a stager? As you prepare to sell […]
General Real Estate News Life @ Home Newsletter February 2023 (Sellers) FEBRUARY 2023 | What’s in this issue? CRANK UP THE COZY VIBES FOR HEART-WARMING WINTER SHOWINGS DREAMING OF SPRING? MAKE THE MOST OF WINTER DOWNTIME TO GET YOUR PROJECT SHOVEL-READY 5 DELIGHTFULLY SIMPLE WAYS TO RAISE THE ENERGY IN YOUR HOME Crank up the cozy vibes for heart-warming winter showings Want to make your home stand […]
General Real Estate News Real Estate News February 2023 The Pros and Cons of Adjustable Rate Mortgages With mortgage rates climbing dramatically over the last year, many buyers are considering the pros and cons of an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) when purchasing a home. With a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate stays the same throughout the term of the loan, whereas with an adjustable-rate mortgage, […]
Commercial Real Estate Newsletter Century 21 Commercial Newsletter February 2023 What’s in this issue? > 5 NEW TECH HUBS TO WATCH > REAL TRENDS: DOLLAR STORE LEADS THE PACK > MIAMI’S DOWNTOWN MEGADEVELOPMENT SEES RETAIL INFUSION 5 New Tech Hubs to Watch More U.S. cities outside the Silicon Valley are becoming major tech hubs now that workers can work remotely and choose less expensive cities […]
Residential Real Estate Newsletter Real Estate News January 2023 Real Estate News Buying a home is a major investment that requires strong financials. If you have a large amount of student loan debt, you may find it challenging to purchase a home for many reasons. From saving for a down payment, to qualifying for a loan, to affording monthly mortgage payments, student loan debt […]
Commercial Real Estate Newsletter Century 21 Commercial eNewsletter January 2023 What’s in this issue? > Warehouse check-in: Are the goodtimes here to stay? > Looking ahead at 2023: How will a recession impact CRE? > Top 10 Life Sciences Clusters in the U.S. Warehouse check-in: Are the good times here to stay? Warehouses and other industrial spaces wrapped up yet another impressive year of leasing […]
Residential Real Estate Newsletter How Real Estate Helps With Taxes When you sell your home, there are several things that can affect how much money you receive in capital gains or income. One of these is whether or not you’re considered an owner-user of your own house or if you’re classified as a tenant. If you fit into the first category, then you may be […]
Residential Real Estate Newsletter How To Avoid Capital Gains Tax On Real Estate As mentioned before, one of the biggest ways that individuals can incur capital gains tax is when they sell their homes. This article will go into more detail about some strategies for avoiding this in your future home sale! This includes both selling your current house and buying new property. While it may be difficult […]
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