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8 Simple Steps to Selling Your Home Fast

Speed of sale and lots of money; are the two things that count the most when trying to sell your home. The longer a house stays on the market, the lower buyers will price it. This is an iron law of selling real estate that many homeowners don’t realize.

According to Peak Residential in Lincoln, homes that stay on the market longer than 60 days often fetch less than the owner’s desired price because buyers tend to avoid such listings. They instinctively think something is wrong with the house; only buyers interested in a lowball offer contact the seller.

But beyond making more money, selling your home fast allows you to move on with your life. A house that refuses to sell creates a planning impasse; you must go forward and forward. Being in that situation can cost you both emotionally and financially.

But how do you get your home to sell faster?

Selling a house fast is all about mathematics; it is down to the power of probability. The more online shoppers see the home, the more potential buyers will be interested in a showing. Among those potential buyers, one will likely love the home enough to buy it.

The key is knowing how to get the maximum eyeballs on your property. A good sales strategy will require removing all obstacles to a fast sale before listing the home. What are the steps that you should take?

1.   The right estate agent

Today, virtually anyone can sell their home by listing it on a property listing service. Yet there is a vast difference between a CENTUR 21 real estate agent who sells homes for a living and a homeowner who sells homes occasionally.

The difference in their abilities will be evident in the quality of their results. Homeowners looking to sell their homes often make the mistake of thinking of an estate agent as a cost. But an estate agent’s guidance will make the rest of the steps listed here more effective.

2.   Competitive pricing

A difference of five thousand dollars in the value of two similar homes can be enough to sway buyers in favor of the lower-priced home. Although the seller makes less money from the sale, they make up for that loss in the time and energy they save.

Homeowners often shoot themselves in the foot by setting the maximum price for their home, forgetting that other sellers are in the market.

3.   Selling at the right time of year

A home can stay unsold for months even when nothing is wrong with it and it is priced competitively. This can happen because there are not enough buyers in the market. The housing market ebbs and flows, with the peak sales period starting in spring and continuing to summer. List your home when there are lots of active buyers in the market.

4.   Clean, depersonalize and de-clutter

Buyers are looking for a home that reflects their style preferences rather than yours. Removing everything that impedes their ability to see themselves living in that space is vital. You do this by removing personal items. You also do it by styling the home in a way that most potential buyers will find attractive, even if that style flies in the face of your personal preferences.

5.   Repair the house

If you have kept up with maintenance, there should be no major issues to take care of in the home. But minor issues like loose tiles or hinges and leaky faucets suggest tardiness on the part of a seller. If you really want to catch buyers’ attention, do a pre-listing home inspection; as a way to reassure buyers of the soundness of your home.

6.   Pay attention to landscaping and outdoor lighting

Curb appeal matters; buyers need to fall in love with the appearance of your home before they can request a showing. Keep the landscaping trim and tidy. Use outdoor lighting to grab attention; well-placed lighting that serves as ornaments and light sources. Use lighting to complement your landscaping and the home itself.

7.   Create professional images and copy

Do not post photos or videos shot with your Smartphone; thousands of other homes are vying for buyers’ attention. Make your images stand out; get a professional photographer. Your copy matters: it should sell the benefits of your home and not its features. Homes that sell quickly also sell the location above the property.

8.   Offer incentives

A great way to grab attention is by offering incentives, especially in a buyers’ market. Examples of incentives include a transferable home warranty or an offer to cover all closing costs.

Being accommodating to buyers’ showing requests also goes a long way. Do not expect buyers to schedule showings for your convenience; remember that you are just one of many sellers.

For more help on how to sell your home quickly and get access to networks of ready buyers, talk to us.